Monday, December 2, 2013

Breakfast At Home

We actually schedule making breakfast here.  Sad, I know.  Usually, the first meal of the day is "every man for himself."  Kylen almost always eats cold cereal, I drink a glass of Ovaltine, and Greg varies.  His current favorite is ham and cheese on a wheat sandwich thin, heated in the micro.  When we DO make a formal breakfast, it's a pretty big deal.  That's why we need to schedule it!  Kylen recently requested pancakes, and we decided to make them during Thanksgiving break.  We get super into the toppings.  Kylen decided he's partial to chocolate syrup.  Yuck!  I prefer applesauce & honey or jam & sour cream.

This is Greg's pancake with pear applesauce and raspberry syrup.  Hello, Grinch pancake!


katrina said...

oh, i LOVE breakfast...well brunch especially! this post made me hungry :)