Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

We had our favorite kind of Christmas: staying home just us three, relaxing, spending time together, doing whatever we want.  :-)  Our day included older traditions of reading about our Savior's birth and picking out gifts for the needy.  We continued a newer beloved tradition of chatting with one of our dear friends over speakerphone.  Kylen played a new DS game, Greg worked on his laptop, I blogged.

It's probably hard to believe, but Greg and Kylen delight in bugging each other with their feet.  GROSS!  Things like, "Footie would like to comb your hair." or "Footie wants to help open your presents."

Examples of our paper:

I got the boys several funny shirts.  One of our favorites!

This is a shirt Kylen has talked about ever since he saw my sister wearing it several years ago.  I was excited to find one for him!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!  It's absolutely perfect for Kylen.  As a big strapping boy, pushups aren't his strong suit!

Kylen got a new DS game:

Gifts from my friend Kris.  I'm looking forward to using new stationary when writing my pen-pals!

I collect My Little Kitchen Fairies.  Greg found me a couple from my wishlist.  I'm only collecting those up through series 20, due to a decline in quality.  Maybe I'll do a post about the ones I have at some point.  This one is called Cereal and Milk.  Isn't she cute??

We've already played Dominion Intrigue twice.  We had to toss two types of cards due to inappropriate subject material!   That was an annoying surprise, but other than that it was nice to have new cards.  We plan to try Fortress America later today.

An annual gift from my mom that is still most welcome!

For Kylen from Greg's parents: electronic chess.  He's managed to beat it on level 8; it has 128 levels.  Should keep him challenged for awhile!

I was kinda dreading playing Mario 3D World together in the chilly basement, until . . .

I got the brilliant idea to have Greg set up the electric blanket!  Now I don't have to worry about being cold!  Greg usually shares it with me.  Kylen took this shot on Christmas.  I adore it . . . like a glimpse of us growing old together!  :-)


Miss Laura said...

You guys ALWAYS have the best shirts!

Farrah said...

Lol! Thanks! We try! =) I actually had to get their shirts online this year. In the past, I would check store after store and maybe find two that were OK. It's so hard to find shirts that are really funny AND clean. This time, I ordered most of them from Amazon.