Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

The day before Christmas, we celebrated at Greg's parents' house after lunch, then met my uncle's family at their church's candlelight service.

My uncle showed us a couple of light displays in the area.  This whole street was amazing, but the tree was incredible.  Greg didn't think it was real until we got close!  The lights went through various cycles.  I had to take pictures fast, because there were cars continually lining up to drive through.


We drove past one of those houses that has a station with coordinated music.  It was very impressive, way better than the videos I've seen!  Wish we could have sat there through the entire display, but again, there were others waiting.  I'd like to go visit both areas again.

My uncle's children:

Saying goodnight.  We had a great time!


katrina said...

that tree is INCREDIBLE!!! Truly amazing! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas

Farrah said...

Thank you! I hope you did too! Looking forward to seeing your next posts! =)