Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The 23rd

We invited my parents, sister's family, and brother over for the evening on the 23rd.  We started with dinner.  I bought a set of three candles with LED's and a remote that allows you to change their color.  If I had known how cool they were, I would have ordered more and given them as gifts!  The kids enjoyed playing around with them.


 Time for presents, Boys!

Elijah, my sister's oldest, is 6 years old.  He says the absolute funniest things!  We gave him and his brother our Skylander's set now that Kylen has outgrown it, and he was SO excited!  His comment left my brother in stitches:

The 23rd is also my sister's birthday.  We made blueberry cream cheese strudel, and put a candle in it.  Elijah asked why we were having ice cream on our turkey.  He also said something about the legs, which was because the bread at the ends was sticking up.  The kid was hilarious!