Monday, July 8, 2013

Anthony's Restaurant

We met at restaurants several times with Greg's parents and Aunt Ioana (pronounced you-on-uh) while she was visiting.  There are various reasons for this, but the result was that we got very well fed while introducing her to some of our favorite places!  Anthony's has a wonderful view of the falls, seasonal specials, and outside dining.  It can be hit and miss in the entree department, but their huckleberry slump is always exceptional.  On this particular trip, we tried a new appetizer: deep-fried asparagus with two dipping sauces.  It was so good, I ordered a second plate all to myself!


katrina said...

Michael and I are going there Wed. night :) going to have to try the asparagus!!

Farrah said...

I hope they still have it!

katrina said...

me too :)