Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Grandma's Biography

I just read Grandma's little biography that she wrote herself:

I was born on leap year, 2/29/32. I had a lot of fun with my children when they were young: they didn't understand how I could be so young, but be old! When my granddaughter Was 16 - Kamin - I was 16! My husband Orville and I married young! We had 5 children: Karen, Salena, Linda, Kenneth, and Aaron. He provided a warm and comfortable home for us. We travelled a lot as he bought lumber for different mills. The children loved it! as we went with him in the summer. Trailers, campers, and even a motorhome. We would just get home from one trip and the children would say, "when are we going again?"

We taught them about Jesus at an early age. We had daily devotions with the Egermeier's Bible Story book. As the children grew up and married we added to our family. 16 Grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. They were a joy I can never express.

Please read Psalm 145 over & over. It will guide you thru life.

All my love to my precious family and to all my special friends who made life fun in many ways!"