Thursday, July 11, 2013

Milford's Restaurant

The night before Greg's aunt left, we said our goodbyes at Milford's, where we often meet Greg's parents for dinner.  NOW I understand why they like it so much!  Aunt Ioana commented on how European it feels.  We like to eat in the back room, which has a more cheery atmosphere than the main room.  There are lots of antiques and old photographs lining the walls, and many of their menu items have unusual flavor combinations.  Here is something I always look forward to:

No, I haven't begun hitting the bottle . . . not that kind of bottle anyway!  This is grape juice!  And it's the best tasting grape juice I've ever had!

The decor . . .

And there was much eating . . .

And much conversation . . . and merriment . . . in celebration of Aunt Ioana!  It was a real pleasure getting to know her better during her visit.  She may not make another trip back to the states, but I hope she does!  If not, we may have to make a trip to Europe!