Thursday, July 18, 2013

Grandma's Funeral

Beginning with the viewing on Friday evening and ending with a reception Saturday evening to welcome my cousin's spouse into the family, I think Grandma would have been very happy to see her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and many other relatives and acquaintances gathered together sharing smiles, tears, and memories.

Most of her children and grandchildren played a part.  My cousin put together a slideshow,  I did a painting for the program, and my uncle hosted a spaghetti dinner after the viewing.  Many spoke at the service; the pallbearers were grandchildren.  We had lunch in a reserved room at the same buffet as Grandma's 80th birthday celebration had been.  Then, we went home to change for three games of laser tag (in memory of the Christmas we all played together while staying at Grandma's).  We ate pizza and veggies in the Laser Quest party rooms and headed to our house for the reception.  I don't think our living and dining room have ever been so crowded!  It was a beautiful couple of days despite the sad occasion, and my aunt deserves a medal for organizing it all.  We thank the Lord for turning a normally somber event into a very positive experience.

Beautiful Flowers in Pink, Grandma's Favorite Color

My Aunt and Uncle Preparing Spaghetti


The Program

The Memorial Service

Greg and Kylen

The Pallbearers

Graveside Service

The Gravestone

More than 30 of us at Laser Quest!  We filled the place!

The Cake for My Cousin and His Wife

Congrats, David and Chloe!