Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July Update

The first half of July was busy, but the last few weeks have been a mix of crazy and calm.  Last week, Kylen was gone from 8:30 am to 4 pm, Mon-Fri,. at a robot camp.  I used the quiet hours to catch up on letter-writing, research curriculum for next year, finish a digital photography book, and  declutter our bedroom closet.  It was a very productive week!!  AND, I really enjoyed extra time alone with God.  :-)

We've managed to have a few fun play dates and get-togethers with friends/family.  As for school?  Not much!!!  Kylen has been taking violin lessons for almost two months and is finally learning to play a song this week.  I've been feeling like the pace should be picked up.  Maybe now they will move faster!  We've been reading God's World News, and I am occasionally having Kylen do physical writing to keep his penmanship up, usually in his journal.  He reads, listens to me read, works on his stories, watches Andy Griffith episodes, goes to the park with his grandpa one day/week for tennis and chess, and . . . oh!  I've been having him help me cook more!

One thing we don't get much of that a lot of homeschoolers around here do is spend time in the water.  Seems like it's pretty popular for mom's to pack up the kids several days each week and hang out at a lake, river, pool, or water park.  I feel kinda bad Kylen is missing out on something so basic to summer, but I know we do things with him other parents don't do or don't have time for.  So I guess it all works out in the end.  I think we all need to remind ourselves that we can't do it all.  We have to pick and choose what works for our family, given our limitations.  It may be financial, it may be health, it may be other things, but everyone deals with limitations.  It's part of life!  It's one of the many reasons heaven will be so sweet!!!!!  No limitations!!  With my physical limitations and being unable to drive, it's just not practical for us to be in the water a lot during summer.  Ain't happening!  And I need to keep telling myself it's OK!  :-)

Health wise, I still haven't started my new medication.  I'm starting to get a little stiff, but I'm still dealing with the allergic reaction I had weeks ago.  It's better but not gone.  I may try to start my new med. tomorrow.  Prayers are appreciated!  I never know how the side effects will go.

Wow, just one more month until school kicks in!  Hard to believe!!


katrina said...

oh this was a great update!! You are completely right. you are more than OKAY! We just cannot do it all. I will continue praying for you and your new medicine.