Monday, September 17, 2012

A Long Overdue Experiment

Most kids have probably seen the mentos and pop geyser long before they finish grade school, and I've been wanting to do it with Kylen forever.  I even purchased a little kit summer before last.  We just never got around to it . . . until recently.  I even took a video, but I rotated the camcorder vertically without thinking.  Yeah.  I'm not playing it sideways, so we'll just go with a few pics!


Farrah said...

Notice the bottles are two different kinds of pop? We did it twice! =)

katrina said...

AWESOME! The boys have been wanting to do this for ages. So glad you did it and posted! We will have to try it now.

Farrah said...

Please do! It was actually more impressive in real life than I expected but also very short. We recommend doing it at least twice. I wish we had bought the supplies for a third round. =)