Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shoshone Base Camp

Last week we went on a major field trip to Shoshone Base Camp for their homeschool program.  We spent two days and nights learning about the great outdoors with several members from our co-op.  The schedule included survival, hiking, rock climbing, stream wading, playing games, and lots of songs around the campfire.  They fed us really well - too well!  I think I gained a few pounds.  Overall, it was a great experience, and Kylen says he'd like to go again.

They started off making nametags by writing on tree slices.  Our cabin is in the background.
Rec time: pool was most popular with ping pong a close second.

I wonder how old this thing is!
The Stream

The Sky
Time to learn about trees!
Board Game



katrina said...

What an incredible experience! This looked like a wonderful time and I am slightly jealous :)excellent pictures, like always!

Farrah said...

You can be a little jealous if I can be a little jealous, because you guys do a lot of cool stuff too! =)