Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our First "Field Trip"

It never fails to surprise me how little free time I have once the new school year starts.  Maybe I'm forgetful, but it always seems like a more drastic change than I anticipated.  We are "in the books" about 5 hours/day, and this week is double busy with extra activities in the evenings.  Makes it hard to blog!

I've been wanting to do a couple posts on our interesting outings in Spokane last Saturday.  Our first stop was an informal field trip to Wonders of the World in the Flour Mill.  A store crammed full of fossils, artifacts, precious stones, and art from the world over; I figure you can't go wrong having a field trip while shopping!  It complemented our science curriculum, which focuses on debunking evolution and is particularly heavy in the fossil facts.  Kylen and Greg aren't normally big browsers, but they seemed to enjoy looking around.  Kylen even picked out some dinosaur teeth and an ammonite!

On our way out, the Chocolate Apothecary caught my eye.  (How could it not??  As we exited store #1, the word "chocolate" was straight ahead, obnoxiously screaming my name!)  We all got drinks, but I couldn't resist purchasing a couple truffles and their best seller: salted chocolate dipped caramels.  They were amazing!  I had wanted to save one for Karla (she has a fondness for caramels), but they melted into a lumpy blob while waiting in the sweltering trunk of our car.  Of course, that didn't stop ME from eating them.