Friday, September 14, 2012

The Summer of the Gold Rings

I'm thankful we managed a second trip to Riverfront Park, since my camera ran out of batteries last time!  I wanted to get some shots of Kylen on the Looff Carrousel.  I remember riding this historic carrousel when I was a child and how exciting it was to get a gold ring.  During most of the ride, they have a dispenser from which outside riders can grab a ring as they fly by.  You have to be tall enough to reach and brave enough to lean out.  Oh, and quick!  Plus, newbies must be able to get past nipping their fingers and the humiliation of missing.  There's always that nudging fear, "What if I can't do it?"

I knew Kylen COULD do it, since he surpassed my height during the winter, one of many changes that marked a transition toward adulthood.  In a way, I guess this was a sort of "coming of age" test.  His first trip around was disappointing.  He was reaching out but staying firmly planted on the horse.  I told him he needed to stand up and do more leaning.  The next ride, we were thrilled when he not only got a ring, but the GOLD ring!  There is just one gold ring dispensed each time that entitles the winner to a free ride.  I was so proud of him!  Fast-forward to our second visit last weekend: he got TWO gold rings, two rides in a row!  We could hardly believe it!  Twas the summer of the gold rings!

Kylen Grabs a Ring

Greg Grabbing for a Ring

Stretched Pennies!
Brings Back Childhood Memories

The Gold Ring!!