Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Good News and the Bad News

I'm happy to report that after six months of wearing my glasses slightly askew, we finally went in last night and had them adjusted.  The left lens is no longer drastically higher than the right.  Why did I wait so long?  Well, I picked a really busy month to get new ones back in December.  I barely had time to think, let alone add one more task to my list of things to do.  We have one night/week the eye place is open late enough that Hubby can drive me after work.  Once the terrible period of breaking in the new glasses had passed (seriously worst time I've EVER had getting used to new glasses - took several weeks rather than the usual few days - one eye had gotten so much worse I thought that was the problem), it just didn't seem that high priority.  Come to find out, with a prescription like mine, a little skewing can go a long way . . . toward messing up vision.  Not surprisingly, I see better.

In the good old days, I could adjust them myself.  But with this wonderful new and improved technology, we have to take them in.  The frames have a heat memory that will not allow them to be adjusted without high heat no matter how hard I try.  They will go back to the same skewed shape.  The lady at the eye place worked and worked.  She'd adjust them.  I'd try them on.  Nope, barely any change.  She'd try adjusting them again.  Barely any difference.  I guess with these new and improved glasses, not even the professionals can adjust them to fit.  About the time I was thinking we might have success with a sledge hammer, she got it.  The blurry gap at the bottom of my left eye was gone.  We departed feeling quite pleased and hungry.  Then at the restaurant I noticed something: the glasses are skewed toward the right, causing a big, blurry gap on the left.  Sigh . . . Perhaps six months from now we can do something about that.  And then if I'm very fortunate, it might be time to start over with a new pair.


katrina said...

wow! Who knew it could be such a hassle?!?! I think a new pair next sounds like a grand idea, less hassle??

Farrah said...

Probably more hassle. I'd be starting the process all over. Lol!

katrina said...

lol...not fun!!