Saturday, September 1, 2012

Park Days

We squeezed in one last park day before starting our heavier schooling next week.  Some good friends suggested the location and offered to pick us up.  (Since I don't drive, I'm thankful our home is a happy place we love to be, but it is still a treat when someone offers to take us someplace cool for the day!)  This was our schedule:


Isn't that great!?!  They treated us to lunch at Red Robin, and we treated them to dessert at Coldstone Creamery.  I can't speak highly enough of the Riverstone area in Coeur d'Alene, ID.  It's a fairly new development that includes condos, restaurants, a theater (if we are going to watch a movie at the theater - which is a VERY rare occurrence with all the trash in most movies - we always go there for the last showing of the evening a few weeks after the movie has come out, and 99% of the time we either have the room completely to ourselves or there are only a couple other people - it's AWESOME!), hotel, shops, and a beautiful park.  The park features a huge pond with ducks, lots of winding paved paths, and a play area.  It would make a lovely location for a wedding reception.  I thought we'd seen everything, but our son's friend led us over to a side of the pond we didn't know about.  There were a bunch of rocks to climb on next to the water.  Kylen absolutely loved it.  That's probably the first place we'll head next time we visit!  We stayed late enough, that Greg was able to join us at the end.

How's this for style, Katrina??  I mean, the outfit is great, but the sucker just totally makes the look, dontcha think?!  ;-)

Kylen is always climbing on the fake bikes outside Red Robin.



Rocks and stones.


Fake swan.

Real ducks.

Geese kept flying overhead.

Kylen on a rock and Greg in the background chatting with our friend.


katrina said...

:) that is SERIOUS style!! Kylen is looking so grown up, isn't going quick!? The pictures are all incredible, you have such a great eye!!

Farrah said...

He really is growing up. I'm thankful we have 7 more years. I'm not ready for him to be an adult!

katrina said...

oh I agree! I cannot stand how fast it is going and hate the thought of Samuel being old enough to go out into the world in a few short years....UGH, heavy sigh!!!