Monday, April 21, 2008

The Art of Cleaning Cardboard Shakers

Some individuals have shown a keen interest in learning more about my cardboard shakers and how I clean them. After much thought and extensive planning, I have decided to create a special post complete with pictures on this fine art. Here are my amazing shakers, which can be purchased as a pair at the grocery store already filled and ready to go! You certainly don’t have that kind of benefit when purchasing run of the mill glass or ceramic ones. Notice the cheery decorative print on the outside!

It is very fortunate that interest has been expressed at a time when my shakers are in need of cleaning! See the little grains of pepper and salt stuck to the tops?
I simply remove and disassemble them, then rinse with water. Be right back!
The tops are drying. Letting them sit tipped at an angle will speed the drying process. There is science behind this, which I will not go into, but it is related to gravity pulling the water droplets downward. Lidless shakers should be kept in a safe place where they will not be easily knocked over. This could take a while…

Now the tops are completely dry! I have reassembled and placed them back on the shakers. When the shakers become empty, I simply refill them using the items below.

If needed, the exterior of the cardboard containers themselves may be cleaned by gently wiping with a damp cloth.

I hope this post has contributed greatly to your knowledge of the world and its intricate workings. Please share with friends and family! Make sure they all leave comments, and remember: A clean cardboard shaker is a happy cardboard shaker!


Anonymous said...


YOU ARE VERY FUNNY! I'm glad that we met and that we share the same sense of humor. Life can be rough, and to be able to laugh is a wonderful thing. :)

You could do a whole unit study on your cardboard salt and pepper shakers. :)

Sue C

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you have came into my life. You seem like ylu just enjoy life and take it as God gives it. Loved your salt and pepper shaker post. Hugs,Pat

Anonymous said...

ROFL!! This was great!!! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Girl, you are a trip and a half!

You ever thought about using Sea Salt?


Connie Marie said...

I didn't know if this was serious at first. I was wondering what you would think of me if you should see my cardboard shakers!

Anonymous said...

I love the cheery print! I didn't realize that those cardboard salt and pepper shakers were reusable. You learn something new every day! At least I do. LOL

I love your sense of humor and love for life! Have a wonderful weekend