Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Recent Adventures

We had a lovely, busy weekend! Greg finally finished painting Kylen’s room, and we had the nicest weather since last fall – t-shirt weather! I got to visit a tea shop, we did some weeding and raking, and cleaned the front windows.

Monday we went to co-op as usual. This week my class theme was LEGOs! I dumped the contents of a large container all along the table. The kids enjoyed building stuff during class. We also played several little games:

Guessing Game
Bring a small LEGO kit and have all the kids guess how many are in it. Closest guess wins the kit.

Sky High Challenge
Put one brick in the middle. Going around the table, each child adds one piece from their pile to the top of the growing tower to see how high they can make it before it tips.

Have all the kids gather the same of several pieces. See who can connect all of them together the fastest. When they have finished, see who can take them apart the fastest.

Guess the Color
Write all their names on the board. Have them each pick a LEGO. Then, randomly draw one without looking. Each child who picked the same color gets a point. Winner gets to draw the next brick. If no one picks the same color, the one who drew gets a point and draws again.

At the end of class I handed out LEGO fruit snacks.

After co-op we did some shopping. This included going to a furniture store! We picked out and ordered a bed and dresser for Kylen’s room. I can’t believe it’s going to take a month for them to arrive! Oh well. It will give us plenty of time to organize some of his stuff and clean his carpet.

We will be finishing Kylen’s A Beka math curriculum this week, and English is close behind. I’m excited to spend time on other subjects such as history, science, and art. It will be a refreshing change!

Now, I really need to turn my attention to the house. It’s a disaster!


Anonymous said...

That class you are teaching sounds like so much fun. You think of all kinds of creative ideas. I'm glad Kylen's room is finally finished. Can't wait to see the pictures.
BTW, yes, you can really make reuseable toilet paper, which I think is an incredibly nasty idea. I wonder how many people actually do this?

Anonymous said...

Farrah, are you going to post pictures of this awesome paint job? - Kris