Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sniffum and Other Delights

We were in town 11 hours. 11 hours!

Our day began with co-op. The kids enjoyed class with the theme, "Backwards Day." It was one boy's birthday, so we sang "You to Birthday Happy." We learned how to say their names backwards, discussed palindromes, played "Backwards Charades," watched a mini movie, and I read the book "Little Pea." They also guessed how many pieces were in a LEGO set, and the guess furthest away won.

Here are a few of my favorite palindromes: "Straw Warts, Dumb Mud, Race Car. Mr Owl ate my metal worm. Todd erases a red dot. Was it a car or a cat I saw?"

For charades, I had the kids take turns coming up front and would hold a word above their heads. Everyone else had to act until the person guessed the word.

The neatest part was the mini movie. Greg and I videotaped Kylen doing various things throughout Saturday. We downloaded the footage onto the computer and used an editing software to polish it up and play it backwards. Then we added the song, "Muffins Spelled Backwards" and called it, "Kylen's Backwards Saturday." Highlights included him going up the slide and his cereal jumping from the bowl back up into the box. Haha! Afterwards, I gave the kids muffins (sniffum) as a snack. :-)

After co-op we ran lots of errands and searched several stores for a table to put on our front porch. The problem was every time we found one about the right size, it would be sold only as a set. We didn't want the chairs! We already have four lawn chairs! Just when I was ready to give up, I praise the Lord for bringing to mind one last place -- Linens & Things. They had one! Thank you, Lord!


Liza on Maui said...

Oh the backwards happy birthday song is funny! I can see my son laughing on that one :)

Sounds like you all had fun - belated happy birthday (or birthday happy):)

Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

You have the most creative ideas! I love that about you!

We found a table for our back patio on Saturday! We had decided we wanted a round table with chairs, rather than a bench picnic table. One that we could put an umbrella in, since the back patio is not shaded in any way. (No overhanging roof. No trees.)

We had looked around some, but most were not in our immediate budget and we were afraid that by the time we could get one the "season" would be over in the stores and they wouldn't be available. So I was excited to find one, just like what we wanted, at Goodwill on Saturday for a good price... and then they were having a sale for 20% off, so I really got a bargain. They only had 3 chairs, though, so we use a mismatched one for the 4th one. Oh, well! It didn't include the umbrella either, but we happened to have a camping awning that matches that is working out just fine for the time being. Maybe we'll get an umbrella next year!

Unknown said...

It sounds like so much fun! I think you are so creative and come up with the most creative games and fun activities! I enjoy reading your blog! Have a beautiful day!! :)

Kelli said...

Ok, I'm coming to your co-op next week! You have the most fun and creative ideas, Farrah! Be my teacher?!