Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday 13: Painting Positive

Painting Kylen's room has turned into a WAY bigger job than we ever could have imagined. We had scarcely begun applying primer before I thought of The Glad Game in Pollyanna. We were in desperate need of a little entertainment and humor. This did the trick . . . for about five minutes.

13 Reasons To Be Glad While Painting

  1. We will never need to paint this room again (hopefully).
  2. We could be using a toothbrush instead of a paintbrush.
  3. We could be doing this for a living.
  4. We’re saving lots of money by doing it ourselves.
  5. Painting 300 square feet is better than painting 301 square feet.
  6. At least there aren’t borders all the way around every single edge.
  7. Kylen has video games to keep him entertained.
  8. I have blogging to keep me entertained.
  9. Greg has the paint and paintbrush to keep him entertained.
  10. All the ugly marks on the white walls are getting covered up.
  11. We are spending quality time together during hours of mundane work.
  12. It’s exciting waiting to find out whether or not our tape leaked.
  13. When we’re finished, it’s going to look awesome!


lauralavon said...

I love the Pollyanna Glad Game and the book! What a wonderful mindset to make even the most dreaded job not quite so bad. : )
I hope you'll post before and after pictures when it's all done!

Unknown said...

Always a good thing to look for the positive in any chore. As we are moving next week, as I struggle to pack, I constantly have to find a good view :)
I had fun visiting your TT.
Mine is at The Cafe.
Hope you'll drop by.

Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

LOL! Mostly it's important that Greg is entertained with his paint and paintbrushes! I never thought to offer you some more audio books to listen to. Something like that is perfect for a monotonous job. You'll probably be done by next week, though, huh?

Kelli said...

Hang in there, it sounds like the end is almost here! I can't wait to see it all finished!