Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Hauling in a Geo

You can’t really appreciate this list unless you’ve survived several years with a compact car. We loved our wonderful, reliable, little Geo, but it wasn’t designed for hauling large items!

13 Things We Carried In Our Compact Geo Prizm

  1. kid’s basketball hoop (in the backseat for 1800 miles),
  2. full-size basketball hoop (pictured above)
  3. full-size desk
  4. full-size entertainment center
  5. two 6-foot bookshelves
  6. items from many Costco trips
  7. one little kid squished between to large adults in the backseat
  8. moving boxes stacked to the roof, bulging from the trunk and overflowing into the front
  9. one plastic toddler fire engine bed
  10. Hubby’s long legs cramped by the steering wheel
  11. approximately 12 helium filled balloons for a graduation party – all in the main compartment as we couldn’t get them to fit in the trunk
  12. assorted building materials, including lumber
  13. a trunk full of large, flat rocks for a path
You’re wondering how we did all of this? For the furniture, separate trips, unassembled in it’s box. Even then, we were making good use of bungee cords and stuff was extending way out the back!


Kelli said...

Very impressive, Farrah! It's a cute little car!

A Romantic Porch said...

OK now that is so funny, but I spy a romantic porch in the background, and is it yours? xoRachel