Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Food Adventures

Last week I ordered pizza one night, because Pizza Hut was having a special on stuffed crust, Greg’s favorite. Here's what I saw when he brought his plate to the table:
Notice anything odd about his pieces? Hee-hee! This is the opposite of the more common problem of eating everything except the crust. His reasoning was that the cheese stuffed edges aren’t as good when they cool off. I don’t care much for Pizza Hut, but I have to admit their stuffed crust is pretty yummy. I’m happy to assure you all that he was a good boy, and finished off the rest of his crustless pieces during his second helping.

This week, he ordered a delicious seafood dish at the Italian restaurant I mentioned in my previous post. It consisted mostly of fettuccini noodles in a white sauce with clams and baby prawns, but there was also something we’ve never seen before. They closely resembled baby squids or octopuses with all the tentacles still attached. My loving, considerate husband discreetly hid them under his ever growing pile of discarded clam shells in an effort to save me from getting grossed out.

At some point, we swapped plates so we could sample each other’s meals, and I got a closer view of his “clam shells.” The two castaways caught my eye and piqued my curiosity. Normally I’m pickier than Greg, but for some bizarre, unknown reason the thought of eating those didn’t disgust me. I cut one in half and devoured it in two bites. I can still feel the sensation of all the little legs squishing around in my mouth as I chewed! I neither liked nor disliked it. Just found it interesting. Actually, I find it most interesting that I’m still not grossed out by it.

Somehow, a stray leg found its way in the to-go box. Today, Kylen was polishing off the leftovers as part of his lunch and managed to avoid it, not being too sure what it was and probably not wanting to know. When I explained where it came from, he actually shivered. LOL! Now, I want to go back and order that dish so I can show him how brave and tough his mother is!