Monday, July 28, 2014

Cape Foulweather

This famous cape was sighted in 1778 by Captain James Cook during his search for a passage to the Atlantic. “Foulweather” was the first promontory he named on his five-day journey along the Oregon coast:

“The land appeared to be of a moderate height, diversified with hills and vallies, and almost everywhere covered with wood. There was, however, no very striking object on any part of it, except one, hill, whose elevated summit was flat. At the northern extreme, the land formed a point, which I called Cape Foulweather, from the bad weather that we, soon after, met with.”

Located between Depoe Bay and Newport, the lookout is perched on a cliff 500 feet above the ocean. The gift shop enjoys a spectacular view. Whales are often spotted, and I got to see some through their windows. It was impossible to predict when or where they would surface, so I could never get my camera focused fast enough before they were under again!