Friday, July 18, 2014

Saying Goodbye

Our last day in Lincoln City with the family began with a scramble to get ready and pack . . . there was the divvying up of leftovers, perhaps some gorging in order to reduce waste?

No, this isn't my cousin sending anyone a kiss.  I caught him with his mouth full of ice cream.  An aunt and cousin are in the background, probably discussing the pros and cons of trying to take frozen fish on the airplane.  ;-)  Even those of us who drove were not keen to haul a ton of food home.  We left some and were told it would be put to good use, which provided some degree of comfort.

An impromptu game not long before driving out.

We agreed to meet in Hawaii in three years.  Whether it happens or not, it made going our separate ways a whole lot easier.  Then, it was final goodbyes, a bite to eat at an Indian restaurant, and we were on our way south to Newport for the second leg of our trip.

The man who started it all: Uncle Kenny had the idea to meet a year after Grandma's passing.