Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ocean Trip: Second Leg

By the time we started the second leg of our trip, Kylen was a couple days in on a virus and didn't feel up to walking.  So we spent most of our time in the car, visiting various scenic areas.  We'd pull over, Greg and I would clamber out to take a look, snap a few pics, and jump back in to head toward the next spot.  Kylen usually stayed inside resting and playing video games or reading.  Though I felt bad for him and would not have chosen this course, it resulted in us seeing a LOT of coastline that we wouldn't have viewed otherwise.  I genuinely enjoyed the experience.  Taking in so much breathtaking beauty in such a short time left a strong impression on me of the splendor of God's creation.  And, oh the variety!  Rugged cliffs, crashing waves, endless stretches of beach, incredible rock formations, tidal pools filled with shells, and treasure troves of driftwood: all proclaiming the incredible power and endless creativity of God.

After checking into our hotel, we had enough daylight left to get a good start: