Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Oregon Coast: The House Inside

My aunt Karen organized a mini family reunion to Lincoln City, Oregon - 5 nights in a house by the beach.  We extended it another 3 nights at a hotel further south in Newport.  There were 18 of us.  About halfway through, Kylen got the virus that was going around, and Greg quickly followed.  But overall we still had a great vacation and made lots of lovely memories.

My brother joined us for the 8 hour drive down.  This is just before pulling out of our driveway.

The rooms weren't fancy but comfortable!  I stayed in this one on the bottom floor, and Greg and Kylen shared a room upstairs.

There were nice touches, such as these wooden figures basking in the colored light shining through stained glass.

Looking down toward the kitchen from the stair landing.