Monday, July 14, 2014

Neat Beach

This beach kept calling our names as we drove past, and we finally answered!  Turned out to be the boys' favorite spot and a treasure trove of perfect tiny pink shells I've never seen anywhere else on the coast.  I enjoyed picking some up while they climbed on the "little islands."

There is a stream that flows under a bridge and into the area (see below).  Greg and Kylen had a blast wading up it.  They noticed it rising as the tide came in, maybe four inches deeper by the time they left.  Most of this beach gets covered with water at high tide.  Amazing how the landscape on the coast transforms every single day.

There was a hotel with balconies just behind us.  We'd noticed a large piece of driftwood was smoldering (near the middle of pic below).  Eventually, a woman on one of the balconies called out to Greg, imploring that he put the fire out.  She told him she couldn't get hold of anyone at the hotel.  Being the hero that he is, Greg bolted for our car, grabbed a large bucket from the trunk, and rushed back and forth between water and log . . . maybe a hundred times?  OK, not that many, but it felt like it when I was anxious to move on.  Turned out it was burning under the sand.  Not only did he not get the thing out, but he came away with a burned toe!  So much for being a hero!  I entertained myself by taking pictures of them through the grass.


katrina said...

You have such a creative eye! Your photos always make me feel like I am right there with you!

I LOVE that beach! Sounds like you all had a marvelous time.