Wednesday, July 2, 2014

We Did Things Like ...



Word Magnets


Kite Flying
Toured the Oregon Coast Aquarium

My Favorite Part at the Aquarium: Hands-On Exhibit

Played Ping Pong
Some of us stayed in a second house, because there wasn't quite enough room for everyone to fit in the first.  This house had some nice perks, such as rec games and a hot tub with a view.  Several of us hung out there a couple evenings.




Jumped Waves 
Greg and Kylen wore their wet suits, which just barely kept them warm.

Had Our Pictures Taken!
My aunt, who does professional photography and has the kind of camera I've dreamed of owning someday, offered to take family photos!

Threw Airplanes
My uncle, who seems to have a limitless supply of fun ideas for kids, brought gliders for them to throw from the cliff.