Saturday, July 5, 2014

Deep Sea Fishing

Cousin Ben organized a deep sea fishing trip.  They went out for 5 hours, and Greg and Kylen caught 4 between the two of them.  I think everyone caught something, but the star was Ben's wife Holly, who caught 9!  Figures a woman would outshine all the men!  ;-)  I was pretty nervous about whether my boys would get sea sick.  They wore some sort of bracelet that was supposed to help.  We don't know if it did anything, but at least they didn't get sick!  I'm glad they went.  I think it was a good experience, and Kylen said he would be interested in fishing again.  Greg took all the pictures with his cell phone.  :-)

Look at all those poles, ready to go!

When Kylen caught this little guy, they suggested he use it as bait.  It worked, but unfortunately we'll never know what he caught with it, because it got away.

Holly, the star of the trip, is in the blue coat.

On the platform where a bunch of people are gathered, they cleaned the freshly caught fish for a very small fee.  Greg said it was fun watching them: lightening fast and occasionally tossing something out for the birds to fight over.  Not perfect though: we ran into a fair number of bones that evening while eating fish tacos.  But it was still worth it!  :-)


katrina said...

Greg must have a great phone camera...the pictures are wonderful!!

My internet has been out for 3 much fun getting back on and seeing all of your fabulous posts!

Farrah said...

So that's what happened! I thought you were silent for an unusually long time. Glad you are back online! :-)

I was impressed by these pictures too. Didn't realize his phone had such a good camera!